The People of LA Talk Back on Gentrification

34389_486408361270_7037153_nPhoto by Pocho 1 fotography

This blog is dedicated to capturing the narratives of Los Angeles natives in the midst of citywide displacement. As developers map a new Los Angeles, they plot the systemic displacement of low-income communities of color. Slowly, we have seen our barrios and hoods transformed in to hipster havens, catering to a new, young, white upper class. Slowly, we have seen las señoras selling tamales and champurrado at the bus stop every morning disappear. Slowly, we have seen erasure of mom and pops stores, only to be replaced by coffeeshops selling $5 coffees that our communities cannot afford. Slowly, we witness the creation of an LA without people of color. The people of Echo Park, Koreatown, Highland Park, Boyle Heights, and South LA say YA BASTA! There is no Los Angeles without us. The blog captures the responses, screams, sentimientos and spiritual/political/intellectual interventions of la gente de Los Angeles.

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