Displacement Poem

Karen is a genderqueer playwright/performer/artivist from LA, Paraguay and Argentina currently residing in Highland Park. They are most known for their solo show Ser!

Corporations can just buy the displacement of thousands of gente
Like the incarcerations of our color population

Our ice detentions making bills on children
Instead of doing the right thing, they focus on greed.

Blindfolding, brainwashing,
So your eyes can’t see
The true bling, bling
Past wall streetInto our oval office on that DC hill
The Capital stands tall on death traps and ill will

From Skid Row to Wyvernwood
This is pure facism starting in the hoods
So if  DV, racism, anddisplacements
Don’t concern you
They will when it’s crept on you
Genocides don’t  stop abroad
They are carried into our land
Rooting like rotting rods
And shipped back
School of the Americas
And if you don’t know just google  that

The  world stands still
As we focus on making bills
On souls and profits thrill
Even in Brasil
The soccer Mecca
El futbol
La gracia de la vida
La gente no se olvida
Que  cuesta to    privatize  the  emotional sector of our hearts
America  Latina
Coca-­Cola, FIFA
The corporations  take the  stand
The  militias and the  Pacifying Police maintaining the peace
As a piece of  cesos of the 5 year-‐old negrito spills on the soccer field
made of dust and yarnmade futbols
His blood fertilizes Rio de  Janeiro
Brasil, Mundial, Olympics
Dealin’ to killin’
Showing us Armegeddon
Brasil makin’ some bills moving ahead
Taking  some    heads
Favelas spread and so do the bullets
5 poor people killed a day
Check it Dilma
There’s the greed
When the need is to wipe away the  ugly
The  poor,  the dark, the needy
All in the name of
Once the beautiful game turned into that monster
Like the crusades and suicide bombers using
Religion as a way to instigate hate
All  in    the    name    of    Allah
Y  Dalai    Lama
Nos  matamos para vivir
No shock will take me down.
No trauma will make me lie down, no mo’
Obama show us the way
Where the nastiness of this world seeds
And we will wash it away
From ice detention to displacements to the new Jim Crow
I’ll  carry  that  hope in my soul
Reaping new earth
Sprouting seeds of resistance
You can’t see them?
Borrow the  surveillance
So easy to  spot  with all the drones
Turning us into old days of Hitler, Pinochet and Franco
Turn it  off.
We need to come together
Turn it  on,
All  our    lights    cannot    be    extinguished    by    fright
All    our    roots    cannot    be    uprooted
Our souls  will not  be  polluted
Our paths  will cross and we    will make a  beautiful dance    
On  that  stolen land
Making  offering for  the  next  generation
To stop the incarcerations,  displacement,  LGBTQ hatred,    criminalizations
profitizations of the  human  race.

One  love, one community
Doesn’t go  out of style
But is a lifestyle
Until corporations  stop  having my rights
And  stripping our life  to become    machines
Lets  play  a  different  tune    
Tuned  in  to  our humanity.

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