By Sara Aceves

Sara is a Boyle Heights resident and Wyvernwood community member 

As I walked down the street…

As I walked down Glenn Ave I passed my safe haven when all of a sudden I have this realization

Soon there will be an invasion

They will come to destroy generation after generation

But I close my eyes to rid the thought, I take a deep breath inhale the vegetation

All we want is conservation

No need for destruction or arguments, all we need is cooperation, a simple conversation

No need for urbanization

Just room for preservation

Take our thoughts, words, and gestures into consideration

STOP this modification, exploitation, colonization, evacuation

We are not just one but a population

Just because we don’t fit your qualification

Means we need your purification or as I see it your intoxication

This is just a thought, hopefully some clarification

We don’t need your gentrification.

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