Los Angeles For LA Gente

Welcome to Los Angeles For L/A Gente!

Los Angeles For L/A Gente is a blog run by womxn of color from Los Angeles.  We began this blog as a way to centralize our narratives and our experiences around gentrification. As we claim witness to the changing terrain of Los Angeles, as lofts and condos change our skyline, this blog serves as a site to capture our stories as our history flees the city.
This blog is radically committed to capturing the testimonios/stories of queer, people of color, migrant, low-income, disabled, and trans folks. Our blog captures the daily interventions of communities who refuse to be victims of gentrification and displacement. As the people of LA who are most affected by gentrification, we refuse to let outsiders make claims to our hoods.

abrazos solidarios,
Los Angeles For L/A Gente

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